Employment Services are CHANGING as of April 2, 2012.


WHAT is the new Program Called?

Employment Program of BC (EPBC)  For more information visit:  www.workbc.ca

Self-Employment Services

The objective of Self-Employment (SE) Services is to help eligible Case Managed Clients, who have successfully completed Self-Employment Orientation and Assessment Services and had their business concept accepted, to create jobs for themselves by starting a business. Clients who participate in SE Services are expected to become self-sufficient and independent through self-employment upon completion.

There are three distinct components of Self-Employment Services available through the Program:

  • Business Plan Development
  • Entrepreneurial Workshops
  • Business Launch and Implementation

Coaching and Mentoring by service providers with specialized expertise in self-employment business knowledge is provided throughout Self-Employment Services.

Please contact the local Employment Service Centre below for details on eligibility and program requirements:

Northwest Training Ltd.                                                                Kitimat Employment Services

201 – 4622 Greig Avenue                                                                 562 Mountainview Square

Terrace BC  V8G 1M9                                                                          Kitimat BC  V8C 2N2

Phone: 250-638-8108                                                                         Phone: 250-632-6581


The Employment Program of British Columbia

Is funded by the Government of Canada and

The Province of British Columbia