Community Economic Development (CED) is action taken locally by a community to provide economic opportunities and improve social conditions in a sustainable way.

We at Community Futures offer the following services:

  1. Boardroom Rental
  2. Rural Economic Diversification

1. Boardroom Rental Rental

Are you in Terrace for the day, or is your organization based here? Do you need the use of a boardroom for up to 20 people?

Community Futures has had some great success with focus group facilitation. Do you need someone to guide the discussion? Do you need someone to help you with the business side of your project? Get a focus group together and book our boardroom today.


  • Competitive rental rates for boardroom - also we have small interview rooms..
  • We have an excellent resource library
  • Absolutely disability accessible
  • Friendly knowledgeable staff to assist you

2. Rural Economic Development

Community Futures understands and recognizes the strength of a diversified economy. We work to establish new business concepts, value added products and innovative use of technology.

In the past many communities have been negatively affected by the closure of a main industry or company. By supporting diversified economicaly viable communities in Canada we are all working to create greater prosperity for the nation.

We work with a variety of partners including the BC Rural Network to support rural diversification. If you have a great idea to diversify your economy we invite you to speak to one of our Business Analysts about viability.


  • Diversified economies are stronger
  • Every industry has cycles of growth and decline
  • We have technology tools to help you
  • We can provide loans to non-profit organizations
  • Just because it hasn't been tried doesn't mean it can't be done