The Board of Directors of Community Futures is comprised of up to 14 residents from the 16/37 Region.  Directors will be at least 18 years of age and possess a good knowledge of the economic, business and social components of the community they represent.  The Board of Directors will reflect the demographic of the 16/37 Region, where possible, to represent a diversity of ages, sexes, industries, nations and community interests.  The Board of Directors will be prepared to commit time and energy in guiding the activities and managing the affairs of Community Futures 16/37.  The majority of the Board of Directors will make themselves available, whenever possible, for meetings.

The Board of Directors of Community Futures 16/37 represents our widespread area and reflects the diverse communities and cultures that make up our "Community of Communities".

Our Board of Directors are all volunteers who are dedicated to the mission of Community Futures 16/37.

Board Recruitment and Nomination Process - see attached.

Our current Board of Directors (as of June 24, 2016) are:


   Rick McDaniel


   Represents   - Terrace

   Director since June 2011





  Calvin Carlick

  Vice Chair

  Represents - Iskut and Area

  Director since June 2010

  Braunwyn Henwood

 Secretary Treasurer

  Represents  - Hazeltons

  Director since November 2012







       Dave Newman


       Represents - Terrace

       Director since July 2013




   Patricia Lynn


   Represents - Stewart & Area

   Director since June 2010



















   Chad Day


   Represents - Talhtan

   Director since July 2013




The loan Committee is an external group of individuals responsible for reviewing loan applications, as presented by General Manager and/or Business Analyst, to make informed decisions on the acceptance or rejection of the loan request, considering all relevant information.

The names of the non-board members of the Community Futures 16/37 loan committee are:  Carol Schmidt, Malte Juergensen and Anna Beddie.